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Exploring the future of
design education

For over 20 years, IDSA’s Education Symposium has been a platform for celebrating the very best in design academia. It routinely draws design educators, students and design practitioners from all over the world and helps connect our vast community through knowledge sharing and networking opportunity. 


We’re very excited for our 2019 event, which is themed “Looking Ahead: The Future of Design Education.” Design educators have an immense influence on future generations of designers and play a vital role in shaping the pathway for many individuals pursuing a career in a design discipline. At the symposium we will be unpacking the mindset, objectives and vision that is positioning future design talent for success in today’s ever-shifting creative landscape.


The IDSA Education Symposium will take place on August 21, 2019, at Venue SIX10 in Chicago and is open to all registered IDC attendees.


See the agenda here.

Symposium Emcee


Raja Schaar, MAAE, IDSA

Assistant professor of product design at Drexel University

The full-day event will be lead by IDSA’s Education Director, Raja Schaar, MAAE,

IDSA. As an educator, Schaar works to infuse her teaching with human-centered design methodologies that address real-world problems. Schaar pushes her students to apply design thinking, making and life cycle analysis to the development of devices and products that positively and sustainably impact the lives of users.

Symposium Presenters

Education Papers

Panel Discussions & Workshops




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