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We celebrate the diversity, connections, and undeniable impact of industrial design.

The IDSA International Design Conference & Education Symposium (IDC) is a platform for amplifying the unique and bold voice of industrial design while celebrating the deep interconnection with other creative disciplines. Our interest is in developing a shared dialogue that advances our ability to collaborate and magnifies the impact of our work.  

With its roots as the national meeting of the Industrial Designers Society of America, the annual conference has attracted renowned visionaries from the industry over its decades-long history, including Niels Diffrient, FIDSA, Henry Dreyfuss, FIDSA, Charles Eames, Rowena Reed Kostellow, FIDSA, Bill Moggridge, FIDSA, Eva Zeisel, and many more. Join us as we honor their legacy, celebrate innovation, foster community, and inspire the next generation of creative minds.

IDC returns on September 11-13 in Austin, Texas, uniting the brightest minds and visionaries in the world of design. As the premier industrial design event of the year, the IDC is a dynamic celebration of innovation, community, and the transformative power of design.


Who should go


  • Industrial Designers

  • UX & UI Designers

  • Design Managers

  • Service Designers

  • Speculative Designers

  • Design Leaders

  • Visual & Brand Designers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Experience Designers

  • Design Educators

  • Design Engineers

  • Futurists & Visionaries

  • Everyone in between!

3D Designer

What to expect


Each year we assemble an eclectic mix of content with the goals of providing inspiration, challenging assumptions, and advancing the conversation about what design can contribute to the world's future.


Expect to leave IDC with more knowledge, skills, resources, and meaningful connections to advance your career—and memories to last a lifetime.


Why you should attend

IDC 2022_EduSymposium_WorldCafe_8.jpg

Join the global conversation

The need for critical, cross-disciplinary dialogue is more urgent now than ever before. Connect with hundreds of designers from around the world in a discourse that expands your lexicon, challenges assumptions, and breaks down barriers.

Stay ahead of the curve

Prepare for the future by putting yourself in the center of the conversation. Learn from leading design experts who will share insights into new tools and methodologies critical for bolstering your skill set and advancing your career.

IDC 2022_EduSymposium_WorldCafe_51.jpg
IDC 2022_Tactile Party_18.jpg

Unlock the value of your network

Nothing surpasses the power of uniting with friends old and new to celebrate our vision to create a better world through design. The evolution of our profession demands that we gather to exchange our thoughts, identify opportunities, investigate our differences, and build an inclusive pathway forward.

Access valuable resources

IDC provides you with access to a wealth of resources to support your professional growth. From curated publications and research papers to exclusive industry insights, you'll gain access to a world of information that can fuel your creativity and drive your success.

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Empower teaching and research

IDC offers a unique platform for educators, researchers, and students in the academic community to deepen their knowledge and expand their impact. Gain valuable insights from distinguished speakers and thought leaders, inspiring you to innovate in your teaching methodologies and contribute to cutting-edge research.

Relive the IDC experience
Check out these video collections from years past.

IDC 2021


24 Hour Virtual Event

Sept 22-23, 2021

Free and available to the public. Enjoy!

IDC 2020


24 Hour Virtual Event

Sept 17-18, 2020

Free and available to the public. Enjoy!

IDC 2019


Chicago, IL

Aug 21-23, 2019

Free and available to the public. Enjoy!

IDC 2018


New Orleans, LA

Sept 19-22, 2018

Free and available to the public. Enjoy!

Don't just take our word for it ...

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