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We celebrate the diversity, connections, and undeniable impact of industrial design.

With its roots as the national meeting of the Industrial Designers Society of America, the IDC has grown into something much bigger. Today, we recognize that our creative community is not binary and that the role of industrial design is constantly shifting. Once siloed disciplines now overlap and blur.


IDC is a platform for amplifying the unique and bold voice of industrial design while celebrating the deep interconnection with other creative disciplines. Our interest is in developing a shared dialogue that advances our ability to collaborate and magnifies the impact of our work.


From the start, the IDC has aimed to convene diverse group of the brightest minds in design, innovation, and creativity. As always, this event is open to as many creative perspectives as possible.

Who is IDC for?


Industrial Designers, UX & UI Designers, Design Managers, Service Designers, Speculative Designers, Design Leaders, Visual & Brand Designers, Graphic Designers, Experience Designers, Design Educators, Design Engineers, Futurists & Visionaries, and everyone in between!

What to expect from IDC

Each year we assemble an eclectic mix of content with the goals of providing inspiration, challenging assumptions, and advancing the conversation about what design can contribute to the world's future.


Expect to leave IDC with more knowledge, skills, resources, and meaningful connections to advance your career—and memories to last a lifetime.


Want to see what IDC is all about for yourself?


Check out these video collections from years past.

IDC 2021


24 Hour Virtual Event

Sept 22-23, 2021

Free and available to the public. Enjoy!

IDC 2020


24 Hour Virtual Event

Sept 17-18, 2020

Free and available to the public. Enjoy!

IDC 2019


Chicago, IL

Aug 21-23, 2019

Free and available to the public. Enjoy!

IDC 2018


New Orleans, LA

Sept 19-22, 2018

Free and available to the public. Enjoy!

But don't just take our word for it ...

"For over 20 years, I have gained so much from this annual gathering and got to know so many awesome people."

Surya Vanka

Multiple-time attendee and presenter

"IDSA seriously set the standard for online events that are engaging, diverse, thought-provoking, entertaining and seamless, without skipping a beat on the soul of what these gatherings are."

Spencer Nugent

2020 IDC emcee

"The IDC encapsulates what a contemporary design conference should look and feel integrated blend of tech, traditional ID-ers, UX/UI designers, graphic designers, and educators within a safe space to have thoughtful conversation."


Excerpt from the Core77 IDC 2019 recap

"The narrative of the conference was full of energy and enthusiasm of how designers can impact our world and the consumers of today’s culture in a positive way....We couldn’t help but feel that IDSA delivered a heavy return on investment to all involved."

Excerpt from the Priority Design IDC 2018 recap

10/10 would attend a virtual IDSA conference for 2021. Absolutely loved the 24-hour stream of ID inspiration." 

Philip Stankard, IDSA

2020 IDC attendee

“I found the IDC to be incredibly inspiring. As a 24-hour Zoom event with speakers from around the world, it made me feel very connected to a global design community, especially during this very disconnected time. It was also a great opportunity to connect with design professionals, whom I’ve continued to have conversations with after the event.”

Anna Rindos, IDSA

2020 IDC attendee

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