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About Techmer PM 


Techmer PM is a leading polymer materials design company that works in partnership with plastics processors, OEMs, and designers to solve some of their most difficult business, manufacturing, and sustainability challenges.


The company was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1981, and it is has grown to six manufacturing sites across the United States (CA, TN, GA, KS, DE, IL), a new plant in Mexico, with sales offices in Germany and Brazil and partner companies in Asia. The company currently has over 650 employees.  The company’s solutions modify the aesthetics, as well as extend and maintain the physical properties of plastic products. The company designs custom solutions for customers to maximize performance through collaboration and by leveraging its leading-edge technology.


Techmer PM was recognized by Plastics News “Best Places to Work” for 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019. R&D Magazine recently honored Techmer PM for its innovative materials design work by naming it a winner in the Process/Prototyping category for the 2017 R&D 100 Awards program for its polymer material design for 3-D printing in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratories.



TechmerVision is a unique web-based design tool, developed by Techmer PM, to enable designers and engineers within all parts of the supply chain to communicate, collaborate, and innovate with the creation and application of new colors. TechmerVision enables designers to work through six phases; Inspire, Interpret, Organize, Adjust, Formulate, and Apply—the result is a well-organized, close-looped form of color communication.

Engineered Compounds

Techmer PM is a leading manufacturer of high-performance custom compounds used in the plastics industry. We seek to deliver value-added, breakthrough solutions to the OEM and processing communities worldwide. Each of our four specialty product families below offer unique capabilities, but also can be customized to meet a broad range of specifications utilizing most engineering resins.

Charge Enhancer

As demand surges for face masks during the current COVID-19 pandemic, a newly developed solution from Techmer PM, LLC, is boosting the efficacy of the fabrics used in production of such masks.


The Charge Enhancer is used during the production of meltblown nonwoven fabrics to help the resulting masks meet the filtration performance requirements set forth by ASTM F2100.

Advanced Additives & Custom Colors

Techmer PM is a major producer of value-added and customized colorants and additives for the plastics and fiber industries. Supported by our worldwide manufacturing capabilities, we focus on providing customers high-performance solutions in which technology and problem solving are essential.

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