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Model Solution leverages its state-of-the-art technology to offer a wide array of prototype solutions, from mockups and precision processing to quick delivery molding/injection, in such diverse industries as IT, medical device, aviation, and robotics.

Innovation, We Realize Ideation Since 1993.


Model Solution has served more than 500 global customers, mainly in Korea, U.S., Europe and Japan.We deliver global top-tier performance in precision processing used to manufacture high-quality design mockups prior to launching new products as well as advanced ultra-high precision processing products and in Quick Delivery Mold (QDM) service to provide a wide variety of products in small quantities within a short time period.


Model Solution is now expanding its business into mass-producible injection molding that guarantees high-quality, as well as into product design, and contract manufacturing to provide EMS, OEM, and ODM services.

Master CMF Trend 


The background of MASTER CMF TREND started from MEGA TREND. MEGA TREND collected based on society, economy, culture, art and global issues. It proposed as four basic MEGA TREND and based on this, it derived as MSI (MODEL SOLUTION INSIGHT).


MSI collaborates with CLD (ChrisLefteriDesign) to select the theme to be proposed as CMF TREND, and derives mood boards and ideas to produce CMF CHIPs with MS’ technology.


With these parts, MASTER CMF TREND will be offered by MODEL SOLUTION in every year. 

Personal Mobility and AR/VR 


Personal Mobility and AR/VR, one of the most promising technologies of the future is Model Solution’s New business strategy. Model Solution is continuously studying for innovation through various experimentation in terms of usability and design. We also are developing working prototypes that are fully functional.

Model Solution will be a total solution provider capable of developing its own design and we will strive to be a success story by continuously growing through strong collaboration with customers.

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