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Wayne C Chung, IDSA

Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Wayne C Chung, IDSA

Wayne Chung is a Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Carnegie Mellon University. Wayne's industrial design and academic career have been dedicated to improving the human condition and user experience through the phenomenological approach while applying the appropriate technology. Working collaboratively with students and other disciplines, his research and projects span medical, transportation,
consumer, industrial, robotic, and service design.

The Inherent Potential of the Industrial Design Praxis

Education Symposium

Rapid Fire Group D

August 25, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Default models of the design process such as the 2005 double-diamond or the 2009 4D stages of ‘discover, define, develop, and deliver’ frameworks can be inadequate for design studio teaching. These highly linear and best-case scenario models portray an optimal or desired process. However, historical design process models fail to reflect or aid in today’s complex design education activities and output. This includes the inability to provide students with actionable means in relation to open-ended problems or projects. This longitudinal case study paper uses a visual matrix that was developed by teaching and observing 15 years of higher education studio courses. These include 10 uniquely separate industrial design junior-level studio courses and 10 UX interdisciplinary design courses with upper-class and graduate-level students. This new generative teaching model is based on a visual matrix and now acts as a guide and reflecting mechanism for design decisions throughout the project process. The results of this new matrix model provide a contemporary method for students to identify next step actions in relation to their project goals. This visual tool is essential as the design discipline requires an ever expanding range of skills, activities, and output.

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