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Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA

Industrial Design Innovator, Viemeister Industries

Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA

Called the “Most industrious designer”, Tucker Viemeister thrives on collaboration and working in all scales of 3D and 2D in exhibits, architecture, graphics, new media, branding and strategy. He is most famous for OXO Good Grips kitchen tools that conceived “universal design” designed at Smart Design, the company he helped found in 1979. He also founded the Lab (digital explorations on an architectural scale like the Cosmopolitan casino and an installation at the Venice Biennale) and Studio Red at Rockwell Group, and was EVP of Razorfish (physical design), Director, Special Projects with Ralph Appelbaum Associates and Thinc, is now designing the Shanghai planetarium with Xenerio.

The first collaboration with Henry was the Daily Café, followed by Dockers and Levi’s shop-in-shop retail fixture projects. The Beginning With Children library in the then depressed Williamsburg neighborhood bloomed into 65 L!braries with the Robin Hood Foundation. Coincidentally they both worked at Rockwell on JetBlue’s Terminal 5 (not the nightclub) and launching a new retail brand for the Gap.

He is vice president of the Architectural League, a Fellow of the Industrial Design Society of America, was dubbed “Industrial Design’s ElderWunderkind” (“America’s Hottest 40” ID ’95) and “Guru”(BusinessWeek ’97) when he founded frogdesign’s New York office. Then “scruffy brand-meister” (Architect’s Newspaper ‘06), a “Living Design Innovator” (New York Magazine ‘07), “whiz-kid” ( ‘09), “Star of Design“ (D&D ‘11), one of 125 PrattIcons (’12), called “industrial demigod” (New York Magazine (3/20/14), and voted one of 50 most notable members of IDSA ever (’16)! Teaches at Parsons, work is in MoMA, holds 32 US utility patents and his father, Read Viemeister named him after the car he helped design.

Balancing the Creative Equation: Harnessing the Power of Industrial Design in STEM

Education Symposium

Panel Discussion

August 25, 2023

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Join us as we dive into the dynamic relationship between design education and STEM, showcasing their inseparable bond in fostering innovation. We'll challenge traditional notions by celebrating design as an essential pillar of STEM, proving that advancements arise when analytical thinking and creativity intertwine. Our esteemed panelists hail from top institutions recognized for their cutting-edge design programs, where they embrace interdisciplinary approaches and nurture fruitful collaborations between design, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Prepare to be inspired as they share invaluable insights on cultivating creativity within STEM, propelling imaginative curricula, and championing the recognition of design's potential to drive progress in science and technology while enhancing user experiences. We'll reveal how industrial design is vital to breaking barriers in traditional STEM education and opening new avenues for inclusive and holistic problem-solving in today's world. Take advantage of this transformative discussion that will empower you to redefine the boundaries of design and STEM, paving the way for a future where innovation knows no limits.

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