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Owen Foster, IDSA


Owen Foster, IDSA

As a design educator, it is the ultimate goal of Owen Foster, IDSA, goal to share the challenges and rewards of the field of design with students. His diverse background in architecture, landscape, environmental and industrial design has allowed him the opportunity to work on an extensive array of projects ranging from small consumer products to complete green environments for several municipalities. Foster’s knowledge from working outside the classroom will help enlighten the minds of students and spark their own passion to look for what is invisible to others.

Foster has a strong passion for being viewed as a mentor. He believes every experience is an opportunity to learn something new and that the measure of success has to do with applying yourself to everything you do. This approach has afforded him the opportunity of being featured in many articles, interviews and discussions around the world.

He's been named as one of “30 Most Admired Educators for 2015” by DesignIntelligence: "Owen Foster is a great leader who completely transcends his title to become a mentor and inspiration to each of his students. Helpful and friendly, he creates a great atmosphere both in and out of studio, pushing his students as well as giving them confidence and the tools that each one of them needs to succeed."

Foster has never worried about his name being remembered--just his deeds.


Education Symposium

August 25, 2023

Hosts help guide the audience through each presentation and main stage session. They skillfully navigate transitions between speakers and conduct live Q&A discussions after each presentation.

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