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Narissa Chang

Director of Mechanical Engineering, PA Consulting

Narissa Chang

Throughout her career, Narissa has been humbled by the technical know-how and creativity of her teammates and is fueled by a desire to strengthen her own and her organization’s abilities to navigate the fuzzy front end of the product development process. Prior to joining Igor Institute, Narissa worked as an ME at multiple medical device and wearables start-ups in the Boston area. She was most recently Director of Mechanical Engineering with Nike Smart Systems, where she and her team worked cross-functionally across Nike to envision, develop, and commercialize the future of digitally enabled and connected products, serving athletes around the world. Through this experience, she gained extensive knowledge of the engineering rigor and processes required to deliver high volume, high performing, and highly reliable consumer electronic technologies. Narissa studied at Dartmouth College where she received a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Studio Art.

Wearable Technology: The Bigger Picture



August 23, 2023

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Breakout - Plymouth

Presenting with Norio Fujikawa and Sara Urasini

From smart clothing, hearables and smart patches, Wearable Technology continues to grow due to increased accessibility and wider adoption. But have we uncovered the real benefits and full potential of wearables? Imagine silently detecting a cardiovascular disease or neurological disorder, providing continuous monitoring for sufferers of long-term conditions, significantly improving lives of physically impaired people or empowering athletes to look after their recovery–wearable technology can be an exceptionally powerful enabler of bettering lives.

In this talk, Sara and Norio bring insights from work with Bose, Samsung, Nokia Bell Labs and Cumulus Neuroscience, and talk through a distinct design process that bridges the gap between the physical and digital.

They’ll share the secrets of how to unlock ingenuity when designing wearables and smart clothing for diverse industries. And explain the importance of cross-sector collaboration and the need for an interdisciplinary team to bring more meaningful innovations to life.

The audience will learn:

1. Learn how to apply a cross-disciplinary approach to designing future wearables (from Consumer to Healthcare).

2. Understand the real user’s needs and the benefits of next generation wearables.

3. Understand the skills, process and equipment you need to design future wearables and smart garments.

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