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Martin Broen & Alistair Bramley

Martin Broen & Alistair Bramley

Martin brings his passion for Design driven Innovation to the PepsiCo NY Design Center serving as the Vice President of Global Design Innovation, Product Design and Design for Sustainability. He is responsible for defining design and innovation strategies for innovative products, services and business models, sustainability, structural packaging, and equipment. He works in close collaboration with the cross-functional leaders to evolve a design-led, consumer-centric approach while also fostering an innovation centric culture with his teams.

Alistair Bramley, is a Senior Director in the Design Innovation team at Pepsico. He develops strategies and business models to help deliver PepsiCo’s “PepsiCo Positive” agenda – a corporate commitment to building a more sustainable and resilient global food system.

Bursting the Bubble: How Business Thinking Makes You a Better Designer


August 24, 2023

4:15 PM - 4:45 PM


As designers, our goal is to create products, services, and business models that benefit both people and the planet. However, these innovations must also address complex stakeholder needs beyond just the user. Whether in startups or multinational corporations, understanding and connecting the diverse needs of stakeholders along the value chain, and using our creative skills to solve their challenges, amplifies our design impact. This process gives designers a unique holistic perspective, allowing us to see the big picture and help stakeholders make informed decisions.

Join us on our journey of building a Design Innovation organization within a multinational company. Discover how adopting a systems approach has empowered us to have a greater influence, bridging the gap between design and business thinking.

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