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Krystal Sarcone

Global Lead of Product Marketing, Medical, Niterra

Krystal Sarcone

Krystal Sarcone, a versatile professional from the Hudson Valley, brings a unique perspective to her work, drawing from her upbringing in a low-income household and her personal journey managing chronic illness. Her academic, entrepreneurial, and career endeavors in the field of Public Health and medicine showcase her multidisciplinary approach and cross-brained thinking. Over the years, Krystal developed a deep understanding of the patient experience and the fascinating convergence of health and product design.
Krystal's diverse experiences have seamlessly cultivated her innate grasp of universal design, ergonomics, UI/UX, CX, and accessibility. This well-rounded expertise allows her to create inclusive and user-friendly solutions, merging her passion for improving people's lives with her exceptional skill sets. With a wealth of knowledge, Krystal stands at the forefront of design and healthcare, shaping the future of these industries through her multidimensional approach.

Global Design - Beyond Accessibility



August 23, 2023

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Breakout - Shubert

Accessibility is a pervasive issue that extends far beyond entrance ramps and seating in movie theaters. Join us in this dynamic workshop where we delve into the often-overlooked reality of disabilities, both visible and invisible, and their connection to design. Our focus will be on using apparel as a powerful lens to deepen our understanding of human-centered and universal design principles.

This interactive session provides hands-on opportunities to learn, reflect, and unleash your innovative spirit. Discover resourceful and creative ways to embrace the presented topics on accessibility, allowing function and style to harmoniously coexist. Gain insights into the transformative power of Global Design, going beyond the basics of accessibility to create a truly inclusive world for all; all the meanwhile we’ll explore a reconceptualization of inclusiveness.

The audience will learn:

1. A comprehensive understanding of disability by exploring foundational data, concepts, and real-life experiences, fostering empathy and knowledge in this domain.
2. The less apparent ways in which design in the apparel industry marginalizes consumers with disabilities, uncovering hidden barriers and biases that hinder accessibility.
3. Essential consumer preferences and requirements within the fashion industry, while exploring practical solutions to create more inclusive and accessible products, empowering individuals with disabilities.

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