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Julianna Miller

Design Director, Smart Design

Julianna Miller

Julianna Miller is a Design Director with over 15 years of experience within the design and innovation space. She has a passion for working in the gray area between ID, UX, brand, and strategy to bring new products to market. Her expertise in user-centered product innovation has allowed her to work across many sectors from healthcare and fitness to beauty and consumer packaged goods. Her notable clients include Amgen, CVS, Gatorade, and MLB along with Hydrow and Guide Beauty, both of which received IF Design Awards and recognition by Fast Company.

Julianna seeks constant inspiration outside of the traditional world of product design between textile design, art and furniture both keeping her hands and mind busy. As a design leader she strives to balance the diverse needs of clients and project teams while having clear point of view to always be working towards. Julianna has a BFA in Industrial Design from Cleveland Institute of Art as well as an Executive Leadership Certificate from Bentley University.

Working Small to Think Big


August 24, 2023

3:45 PM - 4:15 PM


Julianna will take you behind the scenes of two very different projects at Smart Design, to show you how our process is often scrappy and messy as we embrace small sprints that allow us the freedom to pivot or refocus. Our recent work with Poursteady, makers of a robotic pour over machine, was a series of interconnected sprints between design, engineering, and strategy to ideate and develop their next generation of products. At a very different scale is our work with Gatorade on the Smart Gx Bottle, a product eco-system that evolved out of many iterations and test sprints with pro sports teams and elite sports academies.

Behind each of these stories is a similar sprint-based mentality that illustrates the team’s dynamic and iterative approach to idea generation leading to unique and thoughtful product innovations.

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