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Isis Shiffer & Divya Chaurasia

Isis Shiffer & Divya Chaurasia

Isis Shiffer, IDSA & Divya Chaurasia, IDSA

Designing your Niche



August 24, 2023

9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Breakout - Plymouth

As new technologies and AI gain prominence, it can be a challenge to understand where we fit as creative professionals. Traditional disciplines like industrial, UX and graphic design are evolving, and we must learn to reframe our skillsets to make sense in a changing world.

Fortunately, the core design principles of empathy, functionality and aesthetics remain crucial. As designers, we have the opportunity to use these principles in a widening array of contexts to build long, resilient careers.

This session is geared towards any designer seeking to redefine their practice. Participants will work to distill the real value they bring to their practices in the context of new technology, whether it’s designing an AI protocol or rewriting their resume to apply to jobs outside of the traditional design landscape."

The audience will learn. . .

1. How to reframe traditional design skills for our new professional landscape

2. Core principles to keep in mind when building resumes and portfolios

3. How to define and future-proof yourself as a designer beyond traditional disciplines

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