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Isaiah J Tarwater

Student Researcher, Kansas State University

Isaiah J Tarwater

Isaiah is a fourth year industrial design student at Kansas State University. With a passion for creating innovative and sustainable solutions, Isaiah is driven to improve the user experience through design thinking and research. Isaiah has experience in outdoor gear design, and consumer electronics, and is always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow in the field of industrial design. In their free time, Isaiah enjoys photography, rock climbing, and trout fishing.

Softgoods Design: A Path towards Sustainability in Outdoor Gear for Environmentally Conscious Sport Enthusiasts

Education Symposium

Rapid Fire Group C

August 25, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Breakout - Shubert

This study investigates the opportunities for soft goods design to enhance the sustainability of
outdoor gear for sport enthusiasts who are mindful of their environmental impact. The relationship between user comfort and participation in outdoor activities is emphasized, as well as the growth of the outdoor tourism and activity sectors post-pandemic. The study also references a statement released by environmental activist group Greenpeace in 2016, which criticized several outdoor gear companies for their unethical and unsustainable practices, particularly in the use of PFCs in waterproofing clothing. These chemicals were found to pollute groundwater through runoff during early wash cycles. By conducting literature review and interviews, the study aims to examine the actions and practices of the outdoor gear industry regarding sustainability and how soft goods design can contribute to improving these practices.

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