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Emilie Williams, IDSA

Co-Founder & Leader, Creative Direction at Hydrific, a new venture by LIXIL

Emilie Williams, IDSA

Emilie Williams is an industrial designer based in NYC currently working at the intersection of business, sustainability, and smart home products. With a mission to enable the sustainable home of the future, Hydrific, the new venture she helped co-found at LIXIL, is currently working to launch its first water-conservation consumer product. Previously, as part of the LIXIL Global Design group, she developed a multitude of cutting-edge home kitchen & bath products for the American Standard and luxury DXV brands. During her career she has earned a number of design awards (IDEA, RedDot, iF, G'Mark Japan, German Design Award, GOOD Design, and more) for the products she has helped create for a variety of brands. Emilie has been a speaker and judge at various NYCxDesign & design events, she recently wrote an article for the Spring 2023 issue of INNOVATION magazine, and was honored as an IDSA 20/22 award recipient Emilie is currently the IDSA Housewares Section Chair.

Beyond the Hype: Establishing Authentic Design Strategy


Panel Discussion

August 24, 2023

9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Breakout - Majestic

Design strategy has quickly become a buzz term inside and out of the design industry. While it is a very impactful approach to design solutions and processes, the term is developing connotations of pretentiousness and corporate b.s. How can we protect design strategy and change people’s experience of it? How do we make sure we don’t get caught up in using this term lightly or lost in going through the motions? Professionals and educators will discuss their experiences with design strategy throughout their careers and share their opinions on what are and are not successful ways to execute it.

The audience will learn:
1. Various approaches and applications for design strategy, including practices to avoid and how to navigate these requests as designers
2. Considerations for design strategy in the future and tools to leverage
3. Collaboration methods between internal and external teams

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