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Education Papers, Rapid Fire: Session A

Education Papers, Rapid Fire: Session A

Pictured: Form Follows Fun

Education Paper Presentations

Education Symposium

Rapid Fire Paper Presentations

August 25, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


8 minute presentations followed by a group panel discussion

Rusty Lay, IDSA, Auburn University
• Proposal to Turn the Semantic Tide: Industrial Design to UX Physical & UX Intersection

Deborah Lalush, IDSA, UX Designer, Researcher, & Communicator
• A Crash Course in Ableism for Designers

Gaurav Vaidya, National Institute of Fashion Technology Bhopal
• Design, Emotions, And Theories Of Product Emotion: A Review

Yong-Gyun Ghim, University of Cincinnati
• A Product-Service System Approach for Designing Mobile Robots

Kohar Scott, IDSA and Dana Ragouzeos, San Jose State University
• Form Follows Fun

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