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Aaron Cadotte

Managing Partner, Engenium LLC

Aaron Cadotte

Aaron Cadotte is Managing Partner at Engenium LLC (Engenium), a dynamic and innovative product safety, performance, and research consulting group. While Engenium is a relatively new player in the industry, Aaron's expertise and vision have been pivotal in driving the company's rapid growth and success.
With a background as a Research Engineer and Research Manager at Intertek, Aaron's experience spans across various industries, including infant/child products, food, performance clothing, canine products, and toys. During his tenure, he developed pioneering skills and methodologies for risk assessment, hazard quantification, and product performance analysis, setting new benchmarks for accuracy and excellence.

Cool, But Is It Safe?


Panel Discussion

August 23, 2023

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Breakout - Majestic

Understand key insights and best practices to make sure a product is safely designed for any potential user and user scenarios. Through 25 years, KID (Kids in Danger) has seen products designed and marketed for use by parents and/or children that overlook safety hazards that can lead to injury, death, and/or lead to a recall. Safety starts with designers and safety professionals collaborating from the start to leverage expertise from both sides throughout the entire process. Product safety professionals, designers, and safety advocates discuss the issues involved in design safety for children. Learn how to bring safe, engaging, useful, and meaningful products to market.

The audience will learn:

1) The importance of a design safety mindset, both to bring safety to the product and to encourage safety to be enhance by design, not with warnings or restrictions

2) Ways to incorporate safety, child development, and real-world use to design for the end user.

3) How to make your design concept more convincing and one step closer to reality with safety considerations.

4) How to find the safety information and guidance needed early in the design process.

Moderated by Nancy Cowles and Katie Lim

Panelists: Aaron Cadotte, Fiena Wu, Boaz Green

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