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Form Follows Brand: The Design Ethos of the Future

Since the 1890s, our world has been shaped by the "form follows function" ethos, pioneered by Louis H. Sullivan. Jayson argues that design has transcended its traditional focus on function, comfort, and usability. Designers now bear the responsibility of embodying a brand's essence in their creations. "Form follows brand" emerges as the ethos of the future, where iconic design becomes the embodiment of a brand's identity. Jayson's presentation delves into the profound impact of aligning design with brand essence, creating a flywheel of brand equity. This future ethos challenges established concepts such as design language systems and visual brand strategies. It prompts designers to reassess their evolving role as both creators and ambassadors of brand identity.

The audience will learn:

1. From "Form Follows Function" to "Form Follows Brand"
a. Why Design Evolved Beyond Functionality
b. Design as the Embodiment of Brand Identity: "Design Walks the Talk"

2. The Evolution of the Design Philosophy
a. "Form Follows Function" in the 20th Century
b. Maturation of the Design/Brand partnership

3. The Evolution of the Designer's Role
a. Design's Role in Brand Expression and Recognition
b. Design Outcomes as a Reflection of Brand Values
c. The Design Flywheel: Consequences of Design Integrity vs. Brand Integrity

4. Case Studies and Examples
a. Illustrating "Form Follows Brand" in Contemporary Design
b. Examining Harmful Brand-Design Partnerships
c. Examining Successful Brand-Design Partnerships

5. Conclusion / Call to Action
a. Embracing "Form Follows Brand" for Design Excellence
b. Our New Mission as Designers


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