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Designing Between Earth and Space

Dare to imagine a future where we can hack our bodies, cure insomnia, make energy available to every human, create schools for lifelong learning, and feed astronauts on their way to Mars. By combining great design, science, technology, art, and sustainable business models, we can start shaping a beautiful tomorrow for all. Futurists and designers Phnam and Mardis Bagley do just that. With their design firm Nonfiction, they create the foundations of a better life on and off planet Earth. Through unexpected designs and storytelling, Phnam and Mardis will walk you through the possibilities of unbound imagination, and what it really takes to turn science fiction into reality.

The audience will learn:

1. Design is rather useless by itself. However, it is the connector of all things, from business to technology, science, art, and problem-solving.

2. We can solve a lot of the world's problems by cultivating the relationship between Earth and Space design.

3. Extreme rigor and boundless imagination are the necessary ingredients to make science fiction real and commercially available.

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