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Design Collaboration in a Remote World

This session is about redefining the landscape of industrial design collaboration in an era where remote work has transitioned from necessity to preference. The global shift towards remote collaboration presents both opportunities and challenges for industrial design teams. With the advent of post-COVID dynamics, the necessity for physical co-location has diminished, giving rise to new paradigms in how we communicate, create, and collaborate across distances. This talk explores the balance between maintaining individual creative flow and fostering effective interdisciplinary collaboration.

We'll dissect the role of emerging technologies, such as the Apple Vision Pro and AR/VR, in bridging the gap between remote teams, enhancing workflow, creativity, and design outcomes. Through this lens, we'll navigate the evolving concept of collaboration, the art of achieving deep work in solitude versus the dynamics of team interactions, and how leveraging technology can address the challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations.

1. The Evolution of Collaboration: Insight into how collaboration in the industrial design sector has transformed in the remote post-COVID world, marking a shift from traditional practices to innovative, technology-driven approaches.

2. Strategies for harmonizing the deep, focused work achieved in individual flow states with the dynamic, synergistic benefits of team collaboration to fuel unparalleled innovation.

3. How cutting-edge technologies, including AR/VR are revolutionizing the way designers collaborate, overcoming traditional barriers and setting new benchmarks for efficiency and creativity in design.


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