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Lindsay Malatesta

Industrial Designer, REI

Lindsay is an Industrial Designer at REI with eight years of experience who is passionate about using design to tell users' stories through ethical and equitable products. She believes design is a way to bring more joy to the world and that happiness can come out of anything, from accessible toys to medical devices that improve patient outcomes.

Lindsay has a wide breadth of work experience spanning hard and soft goods, toys, medical devices, and outdoor gear. Her passion is using design to tell stories and she advocates for diverse and inclusive research to ensure the design world makes better products for more people. As a professional in the outdoor industry, she has dedicated her expertise to creating more equitable and accessible outdoor products, as well as pushing the industry standards for eco-friendly products forward.

Outside of work, Lindsay focuses on using design and her passions to enact positive change, whether through volunteering for nonprofits like Science Delivered or through the creation and curation of Unif-ID, a space for women and non-binary industrial designers.

Community & The Future of ID

IDC Presentation

Sept 13, 2022

Main Stage

4:15 PM - 4:45 PM

As the world moves forward with new technologies, more consumer awareness of "good design,” and a push for inclusivity from younger generations with the highest buying power, industrial designers must adapt and grow their design and design research methods. This talk will cover how incorporating community into design research and design networking can help keep the field growing and ultimately improve product design outcomes for all.

In this session, you will learn:
• How focusing on communities in addition to individuals in design research creates a deeper understanding of user needs
• How designers who advocate for research are the key to keeping Industrial Design relevant in an AI rich world
• How building one's own personal, intersectional design community enriches the field and makes us better designers




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