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Joseph Guerra

Founder, Airsign and Guerra Office

Joseph Guerra studied Furniture Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, learning a traditional approach to fine furniture making and carpentry while being exposed to the conceptual design curriculum that's core to the university. Joseph went on to work with as Leon Ransmeier, BIG-GAME, and Industrial Facility, before settling into Quirky Inc. as a full-time designer. From there, Joseph went on to co-found the award-winning industrial design studio Visibility in 2013. The next step for the designer, Guerra Office, is a focused industrial design practice that is creating the next generation of products, furniture, and objects. Joseph's work has been internationally recognized and exhibited, gaining such honors as the Red Dot Design Award, Forbes’ 30 Under 30, a Wallpaper* Design Award, and a Dieline award.

Most recently, Joseph founded Airsign, a new age appliance company that leads with design and sustainability. Starting with vacuums, Airsign designed and developed a new vacuum that's powerful, affordable, and responsibly made.

Brand Meets Form

IDC Presentation

Sept 13, 2022

Main Stage

12:15 PM - 12:45 PM

Joseph Guerra, founder of the Industrial Design studio Guerra Office and founder of the designer appliance company Airsign, will be hosting a conversation about the importance of 3D Designs working hand-in-hand with 2D Brands. Form, in many ways, is an artistic exercise; but form can also inform today's most iconic brand identities. What happens when the form of a product is more iconic than any logo, color, or brand name? Joseph will be walking through his own experience of designing products for major brands as well as start-ups, who were in many ways "pre-identity." Personal project challenges, opportunities, successes, and failures in the mission of designing in collaboration with companies will be at the center of the conversation.

The audience will learn. . .
- A brief history of iconic product designs that dovetail with the brands they live under
- A walk-through of Joseph Guerra's product designs and the brands they served
- A look at best practices for designing for clients while maintaining your personal design identity, and advocating for products that challenge the status quo visually as well as functionally

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