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Hazal Gümüş Çiftçi, PhD

Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Hazal is a design researcher with interests in practice-based design research, design for sustainability, local production, and social innovation. She holds a PhD in design from Lancaster University, for which she was awarded the Turkish Cultural Foundation Fellowship in 2012.

She received her bachelor’s degree from Istanbul Technical University (industrial design) and master’s degree from Politecnico di Milano (product/service/system design). Currently, she teaches at Arizona State University.

Design as Repair: Fixing Consumption Culture from the Inside

Education Symposium

Sept 13, 2022

Main Stage

10:10 AM - 10:55 AM

Repair, being one of the circular design strategies, is an age-old concept that has seen a comeback with the rise of repair cafes and hacker spaces in the last couple of decades. This workshop is intended to stimulate discussion among designers by focusing on different perspectives on repair from around the world, with special attention TO how repair is used in various cultures to promote thriving.

In the latter part of the workshop, designers and design educators will be invited to either make simple fixes on worn garments with equipment that is provided or ponder a set of questions about if and how we can integrate repair into design courses—and what can be learned by performing acts of repair.




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