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Fernando Carvalho, PhD

Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University

Fernando Carvalho has a PhD. in Design (Healthcare Service Improvement) from Loughborough University in the UK and an MFA in Industrial Design from the University of Notre Dame in the US, with a focus on medical design and health services.

Dr. Carvalho is an Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University where he teaches undergraduate courses in Industrial Design. His professional and research portfolio contains a broad range of projects that include healthcare services, medical devices and hospital interiors, Paralympic sports accessories, digital design, civil construction equipment, information design interventions, and innovative educational solutions.

Critical Writing Supporting Critical Making: The Design Essay Assignment

Education Symposium
World Café

Sept 13, 2022

Foyer - Table 2

10:00 AM - 10:55 AM

The paper (co-authored by Ian Campbell Cole and Tom Hurford) advocates for a greater emphasis on critical thinking and critical writing by describing and discussing the rationale and implementation of the Design Essay assignment, an applied example of how practice and reflection combined can help students to be more critical, while simultaneously developing writing skills fundamental to their success in and beyond university education.

The paper includes initial insights stemming from a qualitative study involving faculty and students from the Furniture and Product Design programs at a higher education institution in the East Midlands region of the UK.




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