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Education Papers

James Rudolph, IDSA
June He, IDSA
Dustin McDermott

Presentations & Round Table Discussion

Sept 13, 2022

Main Stage

8:30 AM - 9:40 AM

James Rudolph, IDSA
Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

The Nuance of Need

In this paper, the author explores the relationship between human need, goals, and the designed world. The author then explores the implications for design practice, reframing the discussion for design professionals through a theoretical framework for integrating need identification, understanding, and validation throughout a holistic design process.

June He
Assistant Professor, Drexel University

Making Diverse Voices Heard: Building Community-Based Co-Create Projects with Older Asian Communities in Philadelphia

This paper talks about the creation and preparation of a Community-based Co-create study and relevant Aging + Design course, connecting interdisciplinary college students from Drexel University with older adults in Philadelphia’s Asian Community. It focuses on the strategy of community-based collaboration during Covid-19 and methods used to enhance cross-cultural communication despite language barriers.

Dustin McDermott
Graduate Student, Kansas State University

Artificial Intelligence, Music Therapy, and the Fight against Mental Illness: Exploration of Product/Service Opportunities for Designers

The results of the survey and interview indicate that music is integrated into everyone’s lives in different ways, which prompts the need for a personalized smart home system. All participants found that a smart home assistant would be helpful and would positively impact their mental health. This smart home system/assistant would bring a personalized and adapting musical and compelling experience.




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