Danielle Chen, IDSA

Senior UX Designer, Huge

As a Senior UX Designer at Huge, Danielle creates socially responsible and visually compelling experiences that solve complex systematic problems for several Google products, including but not limited to Google Search, Shopping, and Next Billion Users. She brings a sense of playfulness to her everyday work and life to create engaging and meaningful moments that connect with others.

As a recognized thought leader, Danielle actively speaks about and challenges the roles designers play in our society. She has spoken at a number of distinguished design conferences, including SXSW, Interaction Design Conference, and International Design Conference. Her work has been featured on Headspace, Make magazine, Metropolis, INNOVATION magazine, and more.

Prior to joining Huge, Danielle worked as a Senior UX Designer at Ernst & Young, partnering with clients from Fortune 500 companies, and launched several products as a Product Designer at Hasbro for brands like furReal and Littlest Pet Shop. She holds a Master’s in Integrated Product Design from University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s in Product Design from Drexel University.

Should You Pivot to UX!?

Panel Discussion

Sept 13, 2022

Main Stage

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

In the last decade, we have begun to see more and more industrial designers jumping onto the UX Design gold rush. This trend has become so common within the field of Industrial Design that many have started to wonder, ”Should I pivot to UX as well?”

It’s easy to think of UX Design as purely the creation of screen-centric experiences. However, without the integration of the physical housing, none of the digital experiences could have existed. The expectation of more fluid experiences that bridge the physical and digital interfaces is becoming higher than before, especially during a post-pandemic world. So, how might we approach our problem solving more holistically, and how will industrial designers play a critical role in the product development process that involves complex user touchpoints?

In this panel discussion, we will cover a range of topics for industrial designers to consider when figuring out where they want to take their careers, with the experiences and skillsets they have gained from Industrial Design into a more interdisciplinary creative field.

In this session, you will learn:
- What are the differences and similarities between Industrial Design and UX Design?
- What are the different career paths industrial designers could take?
- What would the future look like as the creative field moves towards a closer integration of the physical and digital experiences?