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Ana Mengote Baluca, IDSA

Designer/Educator, Pratt Institute

Ana is a multidisciplinary designer who creates to explore the world. Her background in Industrial Design and Urban Studies puts her work at the intersection of community-building and creative problem-solving. As a designer, she aims to create work that provokes its audience to question the norms of our society. She is a Visiting Instructor at Pratt Institute, where she also advises the first Filipino Club of the Institute, and she is a leader of the inaugural DEI Council (DEIC) of IDSA.

Designing for All Users

IDC Presentation

Sept 12, 2022

Main Stage

3:15 PM - 3:45 PM

This session is a departure from the contemporary trendy design philosophies that ask design teams to focus on a niche market, and center design with one user in mind. It introduces and explores a multi-user approach to designing and creating systems, services, and objects based upon Service Design principles that would challenge the designer to consider not just the end-user of a product, but all the humans that contribute to its whole life cycle.

This presentation will provoke the user to think more critically about current design philosophies and offer a new design thinking tool to create more holistic design systems that are more intentional with their impact.

In this session, you will learn:
• To question why we subscribe to trendy design philosophies and be reminded that innovation comes from thinking outside of the box
• Service Design blueprinting and mapping out a multi-user journey that could make pain points throughout a whole system more visible
• That our work is impactful not just to the end-user but to everyone that touches the products we create and beyond




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