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IDC 2022

Seattle, WA - Sept 12-14, 2022

With great excitement, IDC 2022 returned to its much-loved in person format after two years of completely remote events! And while digital forms of communication and collaboration have come along in recent years, there’s no match for the culture and vibrancy that only happens when we share a physical space. Our profession, the act of industrial designing, is inherently highly tactile, so it’s only natural that designers gathering to exchange ideas, support one another, and build community has become such an enduring hallmark of our organization. 

IDC 2022 was also unique in that it was the first event of this scale where much of the on-stage content was simultaneously livestreamed to a virtual audience. We first experimented with this format for the Women in Design Deep Dive in March; but for IDC, we took it to a new level, thanks to our onsite audio-visual team who created a high-quality, multi-camera broadcast. Hybrid events increase accessibility to IDSA programming for those who were not able to join us in person, and our Academic Group Watch Party tickets allowed groups of students and educators to gather in a single location to watch together.

No matter how you joined us, we were elated to welcome hundreds of designers in our global community for three very special days of inspiration and fellowship. There is nothing quite like the experience of uniting with friends old and new to celebrate the power of creativity and reconnect over our shared passions for creating a better world through design. 

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“The experience of being able to attend IDC has been incredible. I met so many new people as well as reconnected with some familiar faces, all with the same passions I have. So many individuals are out there doing some amazing things and I’m honored I got to spend time with them...Thankful for those I met and connected with. I hope that we all continue to grow together.”

- Roshani Tricedi,

IDC 2022 attendee

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Exploring the boundaries of our profession

The core focus of IDC is on the professional practice and academic landscape of industrial design—the event itself being a 57-year evolution of what began as IDSA’s national membership meeting. In recent years, we’ve welcomed the global design community to participate in a larger discussion aimed at advancing the work we do and celebrating how deeply interconnected the once-siloed creative disciplines have now become.


At IDC 2022, we explored designing iconic products, the integration of physical and digital experiences, the necessity of intersectionality in our industry, championing user research in the industrial design process, and how to build meaningful inclusivity into organizations, just to name a few. All this while academics met during the Education Symposium to share new pedagogies for industrial-design learning, and in-depth roundtable discussions sparked new connections for participants. 

Note: Recordings are password protected and only currently available for IDC 2022 ticket holders

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"I would never trade this experience for anything. I met so many amazing people who have done amazing things in industrial design. I made memories for a lifetime with friends for a lifetime ... not to mention I was proud to be in the biggest student group representing Universe of Louisiana Lafayette. Thank you IDSA. I hope I can return again."

- Hadley Page Swier,

IDC 2022 attendee

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Three days, one big experience

The IDC schedule was designed to maximize the learning potential for attendees while ensuring plenty of opportunities for networking and socializing. As a comprehensive program, IDC included the IDEA 2022 Ceremony & Gala, IDSA Education Symposium, skill-building workshops, and off-site experiences to enjoy the sights and culinary delights of Seattle. 

At the center of all these experiences is people. Fantastic things can happen when we open ourselves to new ideas and share our knowledge with others. The evolution of our profession demands that we gather to exchange our thoughts, identify areas of opportunity, and investigate our differences. The convergence of human creativity is what makes our events so special and why our organization invests so much time, money, and resources to produce them each year. 

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“I feel so blessed to have attended the IDC in Seattle this year. I was able to meet and connect with so many driven and inspirational people. It was fantastic to be in such a passionate space, shoulder to shoulder, with the people who dream up and create the world around us! Thank you to everyone ... who went out of their way to share their life's journey and offer helpful advice. "

James Otteson,

IDC 2022 attendee

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2022 Presenters


  • Alex Yee | Google

  • Ana Mengote Baluca, IDSA | Pratt Institute

  • Ana Pinto da Silva | 2G3R

  • Angela Yeh, IDSA (Emcee) | Yeh IDeology 

  • Ann Dinh, IDSA | Rhode Island School of Design

  • Anson Cheung, IDSA | Designer

  • Ayako Takase, IDSA | Observatory & RISD

  • Benjamin Bush, IDSA | Auburn University

  • Christina Harrington, PhD | Carnegie Mellon University

  • ClayVon Lowe, IDSA | Greentouch Home

  • D'Wayne Edwards, IDSA | Pensole Lewis College

  • Danielle Chen, IDSA | HUGE

  • David Edquilang, IDSA | University of Houston

  • David Richter O’Connell, IDSA | University of Wisconsin - Stout

  • Deshui Yu, IDSA | University of Oregon

  • Devin Liddell (Emcee) | TEAGUE

  • Don Tuttle | Luxion

  • Dustin McDermott | Kansas State University

  • Efecem Kutuk, IDSA | Kean University

  • Elham Morshedzadeh, PhD, IDSA | University of Houston

  • Erika Avery, IDSA | GE Appliances

  • Federico Casalegno, PhD | Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • Fernando Carvalho, PhD | San Francisco State University

  • George Chow, IDSA | University of Houston

  • Hanyu Zhu, IDSA | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

  • Hazal Gümüş Çiftçi, PhD | Arizona State University

  • Hector Silva, IDSA | Advanced Design

  • James Rudolph, IDSA (Emcee) | University of Notre Dame


  • Jason Belaire, IDSA | Belworld Creative

  • Joseph Guerra | Airsign & Guerra Office

  • June He, IDSA | Drexel University

  • Kayla Roles | Kansas State University

  • Kelsey Leppek, IDSA | Western Washington University

  • Kiersten Muenchinger, IDSA | University of Oregon

  • Lindsay Malatesta | REI

  • Louise Manfredi, PhD, IDSA (Emcee) | Syracuse University

  • Maggie Jarrett, IDSA | North Carolina State University

  • Marc Greuther | The Henry Ford Museum

  • Mark Evans, PhD, FIDSA | Loughborough University

  • Martha Sullivan, IDSA | Virginia Tech

  • Meghan Preiss | IBM iX 

  • Michael DiTullo, IDSA | Michael DiTullo, LLC

  • Muhammad Khan | User Experience Researcher 

  • Owen Foster, IDSA (Emcee) | UT Chattanooga

  • Phoebe Liandyartha, IDSA | University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Reid Schlegel | HUGE

  • Richard Fry, IDSA | Brigham Young University

  • Sangyu Xi, IDSA | University of Cincinnati

  • Santiago Avella-Perdomo | Student, SCAD

  • Sheng-Hung Lee, IDSA | MIT AgeLab

  • Sophia Tseng, IDSA | Rhode Island School of Design

  • Spencer Nugent |

  • Steve Kaneko, FIDSA | Kaneko Design Group

  • Tim Hulford, IDSA | Meta

  • Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness, IDSA (Emcee) | Iowa State University

  • Zoey (Ziyuan) Zhu | MIT 

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