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September 22-23, 2021
Videos are now available to ticket holders on the Attendee Hub!

 IDC 2021 Featured Video 

Minorities’ Opportunity to Learn Design (MOLD) is an equity-driven platform that delivers a unique experience to design thinking and learning. Using an exploratory sequential approach, this study examines the impacts and values of MOLD in real-world settings. Design-focused research has shown how diversity-related considerations are central to the design process; yet and still, racially minoritized individuals are largely absent from the field of professional design. Such existing disparities in racial representation are not due to a shortage of potential designers of color, rather a lack of access to design education and resources within racially minoritized communities.

This recording will be publicly available for the month of December 2021. 


IDC attendees now have access to all of the recordings from the event. Return to 'The Hub' to revisit your favorite IDC moments or catch up on sessions you may have missed.


If you missed IDC altogether, not to worry! We are pleased to offer access to all recordings in our IDC 2021 Video Library. This includes over 50 videos spanning 24 hours of top-tier professionally presented design content that you can watch whenever you like.


Registration to access the Video Library is open now through December 31, 2021. Level up and add to your skillset by learning about the future of industrial design, today!



The IDC 2021 video library is now live.

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