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Ziyuan Zhu, IDSA

MIT Office of Sustainability Design Fellow, MIT Senseable City Lab Designer

Ziyuan Zhu, IDSA

Ziyuan is a designer and researcher working in the intersection of interaction design, sustainable systems, and participatory co-creation. She is currently a design fellow in the MIT Office of Sustainability, and a design researcher in MIT Senseable City Lab where she collaborates with people from distinctive disciplines to visualize a better future of the city. Trained in urban design, human-computer interaction, and data analytics, she is motivated by bridging the creative moments between the city and its citizens. She started the initiative MAKE TO:GATHER during COVID within MIT Department of Architecture and IDM, where she and her collaborators experimented with creative ways of design learning to boost everyone’s creativity potential.

Reimagining Remote Co-creation During COVID

Breakout Workshop

Track 6

Thurs - Sept 23

10:00 am EDT

The challenge of hosting and designing interactive and informative remote co-creation workshops has become urgent and important, especially in the context of the global lockdown caused by COVID. The lockdown has not only influenced the entire creative industry, but also blocked the channels for design zealots to approach innovative and creative resources. Thus, rethinking the remote workshop experience with co-creation tools and frameworks has become significant and emergent.

This workshop introduces the MAKE TO: GATHER (MTG) class at MIT as a case study. MTG is an experience design initiative aiming at bringing tangible and accessible prototype toolkits, frameworks, and experience to educational virtual co-creation scenarios. We will invite participants to experience the journey of remote co-creation, utilize co-creation design principles to unlock their creative potentials, and rethink the new possibilities of remote co-creation in the post-COVID world.




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