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Welcome Introduction

Welcome Introduction

Intro to the IDSA Education Symposium w/ Aziza Cyamani, Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness, Carly Hagins, and Bryan Howell


Track 2

Wed - Sept 22

4:00 pm EDT

Welcome to the IDSA Education Symposium!

As we navigate the end of a pandemic, we are rediscovering our nature for resilience, courage, and adaptability while being confronted by limitations in our personal, professional, and technological capabilities. In the new normal, we are also revisiting old and new conversations addressing long overdue issues and turning them into actions.

On the positive side, barriers that seemed insurmountable before are breaking down. More importantly, as the world becomes smaller due to the shift to virtual connectivity, more opportunities are evolving to foster collaborations across disciplines and reach far corners of the globe.

Designers now have more tools to become change-makers within the academic and professional realms through initiating, engaging, and collaborating in practices that create positive experiences. In this spirit, we are inviting contributions addressing overarching considerations in design education and practice that embrace sustainability in its broadest sense.




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