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Vinod Kizhakke & Julia Shao

Vinod Kizhakke & Julia Shao

Vinod is a Design Researcher, Strategist, and Technologist. He likes talking to people. A lot. He firmly believes that technology should be a supporting actor in the human story and set in the context of the business for problem discovery to lead to impactful problem solutions. His work straddles ethnography, systems and business design, and emerging tech. These days he is focused on medical device and related data ecosystems, understanding the future of work and the place of physical presence in it, and co-creation as an approach to organizational change.

Julia is a creative problem-solver and human-centered designer focused on user research and strategy. She is driven by design challenges and opportunities to positively impact the human condition and experience. Her recent project experience includes: Developing use cases and product direction for the future of smart surface tech in the automobile industry and beyond; constructing a point of view and future journey around contact tracing for the safe opening of senior living facilities in the context of COVID-19; visualizing a full-scale human experience, operations and tech process for a large retail client to effect strategic process changes; and shaping the future strategy for enterprise collaboration in a hybrid workplace for a large tech company.

Designing For a Future with Biometrics

Main Stage

Track 6

Thurs - Sept 23

8:30 am EDT

Biometrics will play a major part in identification and authentication across multiple channels in the future. However, as they are unchangeable and unique identifiers, caution is needed while using them. Are all interventions that use biometrics necessary? Are all biometrics adopted alike? What contexts would make them acceptable? What are possible unintended consequences? Is sharing and safeguarding of this data worth personal risk to individuals and business risk to organizations?




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