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Steven Wakabayashi

Founder & President, QTBIPOC Design

Steven Wakabayashi

Steven Wakabayashi is the founder of QTBIPOC Design, an organization that provides free and accessible design education, mentorship, and networking opportunities to LGBTQ+ designers of color. After leading creative teams on some of the biggest brands including Apple, Google, Salesforce, Sephora, Walmart, and Samsung, he is now dedicating himself to bring more diversity and equity to creative teams around the world.

Designing Equitable Creative Teams

Main Stage

Track 5

Thur - Sept 23

5:00 am EDT

In this talk, you will learn some of the pitfalls of diversity hiring, why they haven't worked, and ways to create a more equitable culture that leads to more diverse thinking, innovation, and hires. In this talk, we will:

1. Encourage teams to re-examine their ways of approaching diversity in the workplace and make a radical shift in approaching everyday creative processes and culture.

2. Learn tactical solutions to apply to internal reviews, meetings, critiques, and delivery that shift away from perfectionism and metric-driven processes to a more mindful, equitable, and innovative model.

3. Feel re-energized to hold safe space for one another that is less judgmental and defensive, and where challenging issues can be discussed without fear of conflict.




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