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Radhika Seth

Sales Director, Yanko Design

Radhika Seth

A dreamer, writer, traveler, life enthusiast; Radhika is all about her strong cuppa coffee and inspiring moments. An aspiring writer and published Chicken Soup for the Soul author, with an imaginative outlook towards life, she works on the cusp of innovation and inspiration at Yanko Design.

Design Journalism

Main Stage

Track 5

Thurs - Sept. 23

4:30 am EDT

Connecting the bridge between Design and Communication on digital platforms, Design Journalism is about presenting a design in a language that resonates with its readers. In this session, you’ll learn how Design Journalism allows us to understand how to communicate and resonate with an audience, without losing the essence of the design you’re talking about—a clever way to learn that words have power and how to make an impact using them.

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