Mandy Drew

UX Research Manager, Capital One

Mandy Drew

Mandy has led UX Research initiatives for CreditWise, helping millions of Americans improve their credit scores and achieve financial success; and Eno, Capital One’s Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant, helping people save time, effort, and money when managing their finances. Recently, she conducted a national diary study to observe the devastating impacts of the pandemic on Americans who struggle financially in order to find ways Capital One can help. Mandy takes a broad view of user experience research and is particularly interested in exploring the ethical and social implications of rapidly advancing technologies. As a person living with Complex PTSD and a member of the LGBTQI+ population, Mandy is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and believes that responsible, inclusive design begins with a thoughtful research recruitment strategy.

How Researchers & Designers Can Help Improve the Social Impacts of Emerging Design Technology

Main Stage

Track 5

Thurs - Sept 23

6:30 am EDT

Netflix’s documentary “The Social Dilemma” shined a harsh spotlight on how design patterns and advertising targeting developed to encourage engagement and tailor content to users’ preferences have dangerous, far-reaching consequences. We will discuss:

- What role can researchers play in mitigating negative social and personal impacts during the design process?
- If we discover evidence that a design solution to a business goal negatively impacts customers’ lives, how might we help our design and product partners consider a different solution?
- What is the responsibility of researchers to determine how products we’ve already launched affect our customers’ lives?