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Linsey Nancarrow

Senior Creative Strategist, Indigo Slate

Linsey Nancarrow

Linsey Nancarrow has been helping businesses figure out their next big innovations since 2002. For over 15 years, she has led innovation programs for Fortune 500 companies, including Boeing, Intel, Starbucks, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Hyundai, and Bombardier. As part of Indigo Slate's Human Experience Innovation team, Linsey leverages her background in industrial design and design strategy to help clients envision and create transformative new experiences, with a focus on accelerating sustainability and climate justice. Linsey is also the creator and founder of Eco Your Org, a website dedicated to helping professionals drive sustainability in their workplace, and a leader of Climate Designers, a global community of creative professionals taking climate action.

Why Is It Hard to Be a Climate Designer?


Track 6

Thurs - Sept 23

11:00 am EDT

What are the challenges that keep us, as designers and design leaders, from driving innovation that creates a cleaner, healthier future? In this presentation I examine the barriers that limit our ability to be a force for good in our work and propose new ideas for how we can challenge and overcome those barriers to drive sustainable innovation. I'll share real-life examples of climate design challenges and victories; and offer up tools and frameworks to help all of us make the impact we want to have and design our way to a more sustainable and just future. Whether you are new to sustainability or already driving climate impact, this talk will offer reframes and inspiration for driving sustainable innovation in any design role.

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