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Kelly Custer

Founder & Design Director, Knack

Kelly Custer

Kelly Custer is the Founder and Design Director of Knack, an industrial design studio that helps innovation managers innovate more and stress less.

Over her 10+ year career, she has seen and worked behind the curtains of dozens of big brand product innovation teams. She and her Knack team bolster these teams by generating and illustrating product concepts to seize innovation opportunities.

While her expertise is ultra-focused, her experiences are incredibly diverse. She's designed a wide variety of products, which has afforded her a large and deep pool of understanding to cross-reference and pull into new projects.

Why Your Good Ideas Don’t Go Anywhere & How to Fix That

Breakout Workshop

Track 6

Thurs - Sept 23

10:00 am EDT

**Please come prepared with a Sharpie, a sticky note, and a product idea you’ve had that you thought was good but didn’t go anywhere. We’re going to work on that!**

Your innovation pipeline is hungry for about 15 new ideas each year and it's your job to feed it good ones. The problem is most of your team's good ideas end up stalling out in a file folder or in a pile of sticky notes before they ever make it into your pipeline.

This workshop will expose the three barriers of your ideas and arm you with nine tools to break through them. You will walk away with the know-how to not only perpetuate your ideas but also strengthen them into valuable innovations that’ll form your most robust pipeline yet.

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