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Jason Lopes

Global Market Development Engineer, Carbon

Jason Lopes

Jason Lopes started as Carbon’s first beta tester of its technology in 2014. As the former lead systems engineer with Legacy Effect, Jason helped create some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of all time utilizing Additive Manufacturing. Jason’s credits include Avatar, Terminator Genisys, Terminator Salvation, 2012, Thor, Iron Man 1, 2, & 3, Cowboys & Aliens, Real Steel, Life of Pi, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Robocop and Pacific Rim, among other successful TV and film productions. After leaving Legacy Effects, Jason now helps companies leverage Additive Manufacturing and educates all spaces about 3D Printing.

Jason is a strong advocate of 3D printing, which has proven to be an invaluable tool in his production workflow, along with 3D scanning, 3D design and 3D modeling. He has been operating numerous 3D printing technologies for many years to assist in the production of stunning visual effects and products. He was awarded 3D Printing Industry’s Maker of the Year 2017 and a DINO (Distinguished Innovative Operators Award) in 2012 by the Additive Manufacturing Users Group. Since 2017, Jason has held numerous roles at Carbon, including Production Studio Lead, and is currently the Global Market Development Engineer.

Driving A-List Innovation with Additive Manufacturing

Breakout Presentation

Track 1

Wed - Sept 22

2:00 pm EDT

Additive manufacturing has transformed product design and development in fields as disparate as film production and automotive manufacturing. In this presentation, Jason Lopes shares stories from additive’s early days in Hollywood and shows how landmark 3D printing projects like the Iron Man suit caught the attention of other influential industries like the military.

Beyond enabling new types of products, additive manufacturing has changed the product development process. In the film industry, 3D printing has brought creative visions to real life in near real-time, enabling directors to see physical products in different lighting and environments—something that CGI could never do.

As he reached the pinnacle of additive manufacturing in the entertainment industry, Jason looked for ways he could solve product-based problems in other fast-paced industries. By leaning into AM materials and design principles, he figured out how to help product designers and engineers at A-list brands like Kawasaki Motocross, Fox, Jay-Z’s latest venture, Monogram, and more think about products and their challenges differently, ultimately driving innovation to make products that have never been made before.




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