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James Rudolph, IDSA

Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

James Rudolph, IDSA

James Rudolph is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Notre Dame. James brings extensive industry and user-centered design experience to the department, having spent the majority of his career in medical device development and consulting. James’ specific area of interest and expertise includes program management, contextual inquiry in healthcare environments, ideation methodologies, medical device development, and creating environments for successful cross-disciplinary productivity.

James’ work often occurs at the intersection of pivotal healthcare domains and technological advances. Examples include precision robotics for orthopedic surgery, laser therapy for coronary atherectomy, and focused ultrasound for non-invasive treatment of cancer.

Breaking Down Barriers & Crossing Aisles: Design Agency

Co-presenter: Panel Discussion

Track 2

Wed - Sept. 22

6:00 pm EDT

A discussion on design education, multidisciplinary teams and industry collaborations

In this panel we will discuss how design education responds to emergent technology through a multidisciplinary user experience design minor, focusing on cross-disciplinary teams in collaboration with industry. We’ll talk about how to address historical challenges facing design education, such as identifying a comprehensive theoretical framework and its impact on the profession. The session will culminate in how to adapt the educational environment for industry collaboration in a meaningful and productive way to meet ever-changing and challenging circumstances.

Presenting with Jason Morris, IDSA and William Nickley, IDSA




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