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Hoang Nguyen

Designer & Co-Founder of Creative Session

Creative Director at Playground

Hoang Nguyen

Hoang Nguyen is the co-founder of Creative Session, a multidisciplinary design and branding house. He is also creative director at Playground, a billion-dollar venture capital fund, investing in bleeding edge technology and focused on ideas that lie between improbable and impossible. Hoang, along with his brother Anh have a long history in Bay Area design, working with top design outfits such as Astro, Amazon, Matter and One&Co. Collectively they have worked with countless brands, from Kindle, to Audi, to Yeezy, you name it.

IDC Track 3 Emcee


Track 3

Wed - Sept 22

The emcees will open and close each content track during IDC. They will help navigate the transitions between speakers, communicate general housekeeping notes, and provide 'on the fly' commentary for the audience.

Emcees help guide the audience through the event and are a key part of the audience experience.




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