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Don-tae Lee

Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Design Center, Samsung Electronics

Don-tae Lee

Don has been involved in the design field for 25 years and has become a motivational leader in pursuing design that enriches the lives of consumers through human-centered innovation. He has worked on projects ranging from small consumer goods to heavy-industrial products. Before joining Samsung, he led Tangerine as a co-president, and received an honorary fellowship from Royal College of Art in 2016.

At Samsung, Don is responsible for developing advanced designs for new businesses. He also pursues innovative designs for creating a sense of seamlessness and cohesiveness across Samsung products to give consumers a singular experience.

Design for a Better Tomorrow


Track 3

Wed - Sept 22

8:30 pm EDT

Many of us are realizing that the unprecedented change of 2020 drove a decade’s worth of transformation in less than a year and demanded that we focus on wellness – not only physical and mental, but also on a social level to connect and interact with others. Technology has become a central thread in our existence, changing the way we live, work and even think. We meet via teleconference and robotics is being actualized in real time, while machine learning and AI are transforming the potential for people’s living and working spaces.

Designers play a key role in mediating how people experience new technologies. While no one can predict what technology will emerge, designers have the power to drive a positive impact on people’s day-to-day lives and draw our future, transforming uncertainty to possibility. How can we, as designers and creative thinkers, prepare? This session will focus on key values to adapt to a new consumer landscape and explore the mindsets that will shape our future.




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