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Derek Tucker, IDSA

Industrial Design & User Experience Intern, Medtronic

Derek Tucker, IDSA

Derek Tucker is an Industrial Designer from Auburn University’s Industrial Design Class of 2021. After learning about the human centered approach of design, Derek switched from Mechanical Engineering to Industrial Design and found his calling. Throughout his undergrad studies, Derek has worked in corporate studios with Smucker's, HP, and Aptar CSP Technologies. These experiences led him to be interested in healthcare, where he will spend the next year as an Industrial Design and UX Intern at Medtronic. In addition to honing his design skills, Derek enjoys other hobbies like playing tennis, listening to music, weightlifting, drone flying, chess, and photography.

2021 South District Student Merit Award Winner - Auburn University

SMA Winner

Track 6

Thurs - Sept 23

9:40 am EDT

2021 South District Student Merit Award Winner




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