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Cameron White

UX Designer, Q2

Cameron White

Hello! I'm Cameron White, recent Masters of Science graduate of the Industrial Design program at the University of Houston. I have a passion for crafting unique experiences, online and offline. My toolkit includes design software like the Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, and Solidworks. Those skills, plus the desire to solve problems, make me well-equipped to tackle any challenge.

Enhancing Diversity Through Design Education w/ MOLD (Minorities' Opportunity to Learn Design)

Rapid Fire Session

Track 2

Wed - Sept. 22

4:29 pm EDT

Design-focused research has shown how diversity-related considerations are central to the design process; yet and still, racially minoritized individuals are largely absent from the field of professional design. Such existing disparities in racial representation are not due to a shortage of potential designers of color, rather a lack of access to design education and resources within racially minoritized communities. Grounded in the no=on that teaching design thinking aids individuals in building skills that translate to situations beyond design, expanding the reach of design education would be beneficial to racial minorities' personal development. This paper explores the development and application of a design toolkit to facilitate design education in focal communities. Minorities’ Opportunity to Learn Design (MOLD) is an equity-driven platform that delivers a unique experience to design thinking and learning. Using an exploratory sequential approach, this study examines the impacts and values of MOLD in real-world settings.




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