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Bryan Howell, IDSA

Associate Professor, Industrial Design, Brigham Young University

Bryan Howell, IDSA

At BYU, I teach visual literacy, design history, international design studies, entrepreneurship, and advanced product research and development. My research focuses on Visual Knowledge, and I co-lead the “Sketching” special interest group (SIG) in the design society. I remain connected to the industry by consulting as an expert witness for technology companies like Apple and mentoring design team managers on best processes.

Professionally, I started my career at frog design in Germany, relocated to Silicon Valley to work with Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer, and then moved to Dell, where I eventually directed a $9 million annual design budget.

Exploring the Gender Stereotype Threat Women Experience in Team-Based EDU Settings

Rapid Fire Session

Track 2

Wed - Sept. 22

5:31 pm EDT

Coming soon!




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