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Becca Carroll

Director, IDEO CoLab

Becca Carroll

Becca Carroll is a director at IDEO and a business designer. She co-leads Last Mile Money, an initiative in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, focused on connecting underserved communities to the digital economy. In her past life, she's been an entrepreneur and a marketer, and has researched and designed for the future of decentralized financial systems through IDEO's CoLab. Becca completed her MBA at Harvard Business School.

Decentralized Money and Financial Inclusion

Main Stage

Track 4

Thurs - Sept. 23

1:00 am EDT

For rural, low-income or displaced people globally, last-mile financial systems are a challenge. They’re expensive to deliver and participate in, and often don’t solve for core user needs. Recent high-profile projects have brought up the question—how do emerging and decentralized technologies make development work better for low-income people?

Cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technologies, and the decentralized web might be becoming the foundational infrastructure of a new global financial system, one more open and inclusive by design. What could that look like? What opportunities can we squint at—today, tomorrow and in the future?




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