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Amin Hasani, IDSA

Founder, CURVD

Amin Hasani, IDSA

Amin Hasani is the founder of Blue Heart Hero™, CURVD®, and Hexidome™. He is passionate about product design and development, engineering, prototyping, 3D printing, virtual reality, and finding simple solutions to complicated problems. He is the designer of projects such as the Welcome Center at LaGuardia Terminal 4 and Brownsville Airport Information Center, as well as cameras, kiosks, and 40+ products in major banks and airports in the U.S.

He believes 3D printing will change the lives of underserved groups and he continues to create a more human-friendly world through design.

Human Friendly Design

Main Stage

Track 5

Thurs - Sept. 23

6:00 am EDT

Products for those with disabilities are often designed with a medical approach: to be expensive, ugly and not available at every store. Businesses often don’t consider serving those with visible or hidden disabilities to be a priority. However, businesses and individuals can benefit from an inclusive, familiar-looking, and affordable design.

Viewers of this session will learn how to look at disability differently and how this new vision can empower millions of people. Everyday products can be designed differently to serve all humans equally, create new possibilities and opportunities, and empower underrepresented groups.




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