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Afshin Mehin

Founder, Card79

Afshin Mehin

Afshin Mehin is the founder of Card79, a creative studio based in San Francisco and Vancouver helping companies give form to the future. Consistently blurring the boundaries between our digital and physical lives, he’s worked with clients ranging from startups such as Neuralink and Noon Home to large organizations such as Amazon, Lululemon and Ford. Prior to setting up Card79, Afshin worked for design studios such as IDEO and Whipsaw in the Bay Area, designers such as Barber Osgerby and Terence Conran in London, and research labs such as M.I.T.’s Media Lab Europe in Dublin.

Design for the Brain

Main Stage

Track 3

Wed - Sept 22

11:30 pm EDT

With recent developments in brain computer interfaces, it's appearing more and more likely that a new generation of interfaces will be enabling people to control machines with simply their thoughts. As this technology begins to take shape, we'd love to start an open and honest conversation about how this new technology will not only shape the world as a whole but more specifically the world of design. How will this impact different design industries? What will UX design controlled by your thoughts look like? Our goal is for attendees to come away with a richer perspective of both awesome and scary aspects of this next phase in interface technology and to start thinking more about how this could be impacting their profession as designers.

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