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Session Description

Jeanette Numbers, IDSA

Co-founder and Design Principal, Loft


Track 6 - 8:30am EDT

Presentation: Design for Proactive Healthcare

What if wearables not only sensed the needs of the body but acted on them, by delivering interventions such as micropulses, heating and cooling, and more? As the market for wearables explodes and customers simultaneously get more protective of their data (and their physical, on-body space), the wearables of the future will need to do more than just monitor and report, taking on advanced capabilities that drive positive outcomes. Designers, technologists, and physicians have a shared responsibility to create products that can change lives for the better. In this presentation, Jeannette will explore the potential of wearables to shape the future of proactive healthcare—first by highlighting the intimate access wearables have to personal data, then diving deeper into the challenge of designing user/patient-centric devices, and finally, acknowledging the market potential for proactive wearables.

Mark Prommel

Partner & Design Lead, Pensa


Track 6 - 9:00am EDT

Presentation: Design for Inconvenience

I have designed products that are not built to last, made with plastics that have filled our oceans, and with heavy metals that have leached into and polluted our soil, and I have done this in service of… The Consumer. "Consumer." Design's dirty little word. We have been focused on "the consumer" since the dawn of our profession, and been "consumer-driven." But, that mindset has only driven us to the heights of convenience-driven consumption. It is time for a fundamental shift not necessarily in the way we design, but in the way we define, and understand, the people for whom we design. If designing for the consumer has brought us to the limits of convenience-driven consumption, perhaps a bit of thoughtful inconvenience might go a long way?

Nicole McLaughlin

Designer, Nicole McLaughlin LLC


Track 6 - 9:30am EDT

Presentation: Power in Purpose

Designer Nicole McLaughlin discusses how curiosity and passion have given her works purpose and the ability to change people's perception of waste and sustainable design.

Mitzi Okou

Cofounder, Where Are The Black Designers


Track 6 - 10:00am EDT

Panel Discussion: Where Are The Black Designers Follow Up

Discussing the current work of the WATBD platform, feedback, community, and conversations post-conference. 


Forest Young

Global Principal, Wolff Olins

Raja Schaar, IDSA

Program Director at Drexel University's Westphal College of Media Arts & Design


Ritesh Gupta

Head of Product, Serial Box

Roshannah Bagley

Studio Manager, Something

Zariah Cameron

UX Design Student, NC A&T State University

Brielle Nickoloff

Product Manager, Botmock

Surya Vanka

Founder, Authentic Design


Track 6 - 10:00am EDT

Workshop: Design for a Voice Enabled World

Because voice user interfaces (VUIs) don’t require the use of hands, eyes, or even literacy, they empower humans in ways that have never been possible before. They unlock new scenarios and will become a part of virtually every hardware device. Yet, the average industrial designer has little understanding of how to seamlessly integrate voice in their products, as the processes for designing VUI’s are different from traditional ID processes. We have created a systematic, step-by-step Design Swarms approach and process maps that help industrial designers systematically think through VUI use cases and design hardware products with rich voice integration. By the end of this workshop, participants will have learned to define a minimally viable voice-enabled product, and will leave with a kit to apply in their own organizations.

Brad Adelmann


Steve Seager



Track 6 - 10:00am EDT

Workshop: KeyShot Studios & Farms (sponsored content)

Part 1 - Studios: Workflow Tips & Tricks

Unlocking the power of Model Sets and Studios within KeyShot, and demonstrating how and why you should use these two features to help quickly showcase variations. 


Part 2 - Farms: Increase your render power with KeyShotFarms

Have you ever needed more KeyShot render power? KeyShotFarms provides hourly and longer term dedicated render farms for KeyShot users. Learn how easy using KeyShotFarms can be!

Tony Guard

Director of Industrial Design at Kinetic Vision


Track 6 - 10:00am EDT

Breakout: The Secrets to Qualifying Form Faster  (sponsored content)

Join Tony Guard, Director of Industrial Design at Kinetic Vision, for a fast-paced session showcasing how to add speed and improve your process by qualifying form faster through CAD and CMF models. Tony will share examples of real client work and showcase how things like machine learning, rendering programs, full color 3D printing, and the openness to try new tools and technology continue to advance his team's process. 

Avery Saylor, S/IDSA

Purdue University


Track 6 - 10:45am EDT

2020 Midwest District Undergraduate Student Merit Award Winner

Avery Saylor is an industrial design student Purdue University. “I pride myself on my designs being well thought out, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing,” she says. She enjoys the research side of industrial design and getting feedback from the users she is designing for to better understand their wants and needs. 


“To me, design is personal,” she continues. “I believe that when I am able to make a connection with the project I am working on and truly understand the needs of my users, I am able to come up with the best solution to their problem.”

Proudly supported by SolidWorks

Jan Griffiths

President & Founder, Gravitas Detroit


Track 6 - 11:00am EDT

Keynote Presentation: NOW Is the Time to Step Up and Lead!

The fabric of normality has been ripped apart, we have been shaken to the core, and this has been both destabilizing and liberating. Our minds are open like never before and massive transformation is happening all around us. The way we work, how we work, and how we lead is changing. NOW is the time to lead for creativity and innovation. The question

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