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Session Description

Lani Adeoye

Designer & Founder, Studio-Lani


Track 5 - 4:30am EDT

Presentation: Design as a Mediation Tool

I will share how I use design as a mediation tool in a few different ways, using examples to illustrate, in terms of connecting the Intangible & Tangible, Art, Craft & Design, Tradition & Modernity. 

Alisan Atvur

Senior User Research Lead at Device Research & Development at Novo Nordisk 


Track 5 - 5:00am EDT

Presentation: Design for the Empathic Healthcare Innovator: Advancing the Role of User Research in Pharmaceutical R&D

A pandemic came out of nowhere, halted the entire globe, and highlighted all our weak links. It is requiring a complete systemic restructuring; it would be unwise to completely waste this crisis and not mold it through foresight and empathy. So how do we do that if we can no longer go to people? As designers, one of our strongest tools is listening to people and being empathetic. We are having to re-evaluate some of our design practices, especially in the space of participatory work. Previously, empathy was being with people; now, if you care, you maintain distance. Let’s re-write the rules of research.

Maurice Cherry

Designer, Writer, Podcaster, and Editor


Track 5 - 6:00am EDT

Panel Discussion: Reflection

Black designers on creativity, representation & opportunities, education and activism


Jomu Tariku

Industrial Designer / Artist / Data Scientist


Creative Director, OI Studio

Marie Burgos

Interior designer & founder, Marie Burgos Design Collection 

Marlon Darbeau

Founder/Creative Director at By Making

Yogesh Dandekar

Founder, sargdesignstudio


Track 5 - 6:00am EDT

Breakout: ​Mobility Experience

India’s transport infrastructure is aggressively in catchup mode. Not just cities but the whole country is underserved in its demand for mobility. I decided to focus on this domain of work due to its deep, purposeful connection to improving lives and having a large-scale impact. The magic words “travel experience” are tough to define for a mobility system with diverse touch points. Mobility projects are still planned and implemented as infrastructure projects. To make these projects focus on the user and their trip is a formidable task, as the definition of design has a different paradigm here.

Hector Silva

Executive Director, Advanced Design

Dominic Montante

Industrial Design Consultant, Dominic Montant Design


Track 5 - 6:00am EDT

Breakout: Designing Design Education

Have you felt disappointed with your design education, ever questioned the value of what you are learning, or from whom you are learning? Your intuition may be reflective of a wider reality. Design academia struggles to keep pace with and respond to the needs of design industry, and often produces students who are unprepared to enter the workforce. During their panel discussion, Hector and Dominic will investigate the opportunities for change in design education from the systemic level down to the responsibility of individual students and instructions and discuss their own upcoming initiative, Offsite, to tackle this problem.

Ellen Posch, S/IDSA

University of Cincinnati


Track 5 - 6:45am EDT

2020 Central District Undergraduate Student Merit Award Winner

Ellen Posch is excited to enhance the lives of others through design, whether it be through technology, lifestyle products, or home goods. She enjoys diversifying her experiences across the design industry.

Ellen is first in her class academically at DAAP. She has industry experience from six design internships, ranging from large corporations to design firms specializing in consumer technology. Her project, Cycle, was recently featured in Images magazine for innovative textile design. When she is not designing, she can be found doing handstands on a 10-meter diving platform, exploring, or practicing hobbies like cooking, skiing, surfing, and weightlifting.

Proudly supported by SolidWorks

Lesley-Ann Noel, PhD

Associate Director for Design Thinking for Social Impact and Professor of Practice, Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking, Tulane University


Track 5 - 7:00am EDT

Keynote Presentation: An Island Girl's Critical Design Manifesto

In this talk, drawing on her own positionality as an Afro-Caribbean designer, Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel will share her personal manifesto that guides her practice as a design educator, hoping to challenge the audience to re-think design. Through this manifesto she aspires to practice liberatory, anti-oppressive and anti-hegemonic design, based on an emancipatory worldview, pluriversality, and critical utopias.  She will demonstrate what design education and practice can look like when it embraces multiple perspectives and is not centered around the assumption of a universal experience, whiteness or Westernness, sharing some of her own work, such as the Designer’s Critical Alphabet.




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