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Session Description

Tim Allen

VP, Design at Airbnb


Track 4 - 12:30am EDT

Presentation: Design for Belonging

Customer expectations have skyrocketed across almost every business category as a result of choice, innovation and technology. Products and services not only have to be pragmatically useful but also culturally relevant, authentic and inclusive. You can’t get the type of innovation needed to differentiate at scale with more of the same: the same people, working in the same way, with the same biases. You have to mix wildly divergent views, paths and approaches to really see business challenges in new ways that truly connect people. Join Tim Allen to learn how design is being used to deliver on Airbnb’s promise to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere.

Javeria Masood

Head of Solutions Mapping, UNDP Pakistan


Track 4 - 1:00am EDT

Presentation: (Deep) Listening in the Time of COVID-19

A pandemic came out of nowhere, halted the entire globe, and highlighted all our weak links. It is requiring a complete systemic restructuring; it would be unwise to completely waste this crisis and not mold it through foresight and empathy. So how do we do that if we can no longer go to people? As designers, one of our strongest tools is listening to people and being empathetic. We are having to re-evaluate some of our design practices, especially in the space of participatory work. Previously, empathy was being with people; now, if you care, you maintain distance. Let’s re-write the rules of research.

Felix Heck

Head of Office, Samsung Design Europe 


Track 4 - 1:30am EDT

Presentation: Design for Resonance 

Whatever we are facing—from climate change and shifting identities to advancements in AI—the next 10 years may be some of humanity’s most defining. Product innovations are not only about better tomorrows, but also to help you picture, forecast and prepare for life, 10 or 20 years later.

The ethos of Samsung design philosophy, 'Be Bold. Resonate with Soul,' is not a visual metaphor. The role of design today goes beyond the physical or the digital realm, and it must take into consideration our surroundings and our well-being. Designs must help people understand how to better experience the advantages of technology we're offering.

Ethical considerations have always played a key role in Samsung Design, but the development of scientific knowledge and technology have deepened awareness of the ethical dimensions of early design decisions.
Design shines when those decisions integrate seamlessly. When the interaction between people and technology is designed well, the result is humane, and in perfect resonance.

Chris Hosmer, IDSA

Cofounder, Airpop & Partner, Tipping Point


Dylan Ren, I/IDSA

Partner, Diligence Capital & Founder, Tipping Point


Track 4 - 2:00am EDT

Breakout: Navigating Towards Success in China

Design-Driven Product Commercialization and Go-To-Market Partnership are core competencies of the 21st century Designer Founder’s tool set. In this talk, Dylan Ren and Chris Hosmer describe the innovative end-to-end entrepreneurship platform called Tipping Point, a cross-border innovation incubator strategically aligned with IDSA and key partners in Design, Brand Marketing, E-Commerce Operation, Channel Operation and Investment Management.

Kirk Morris

Senior Product Design Manager, Bradshaw International


Le'Spencer Walker

Senior Strategy & Operations Manager / Product Design Engineer, Target


Track 4 - 2:00am EDT

Breakout: Racial Barriers & Breakthroughs

Hear real stories from the lives of two design professionals who have overcome barriers and successfully traversed subconscious perceptions and biases within the consumer product design industry. Join us for a conversation in which they share unique perspectives and recommendations for breakthroughs. Because stories matter and action makes change.

Chandrashekhar Wyawashare

Co-Founder / Director, Futuring Design Pvt. Ltd.


Track 4 - 2:00am EDT

Breakout: Patterns of My Mind

Each of us face different challenges, at different times and in different ways, based both on our biology and our unique cultural upbringing. No two people think exactly the same way, because no two people have lived exactly the same lives. We are all a product of the different thinking patterns that emerged as a result of our experience of interacting with reality. In fact, these different thinking patterns (mostly produced from our mental habit loops) are, in large part, what makes you, you, and me, me. The identity we each have is born from the convergence of all of these patterns. They create what we call our subjective experience.

Jessica Monteleone, S/IDSA

Thomas Jefferson University


Track 4 - 2:45am EDT

2020 Northeast District Undergraduate Student Merit Award Winner

Jessica Monteleone is senior industrial design student at Jefferson University (previously Philadelphia University), with an inherent curiosity about the world that leads her to create and discover. “I believe design is most successful when it makes an impact,” Jessica says. “It should always solve a problem or meet a need. I want to design solutions that are accessible for as many people as possible, and make daily life easier or more enjoyable in some way.” 

Proudly supported by SolidWorks

Charles Johnson, IDSA

Global Director Innovation, PUMA SE


Track 4 - 3:00am EDT

Keynote Presentation: Design for Humanistic Values 

Having spent 30 years designing for human performance, Charles will talk about his transformation toward designing for humanity. He will cover aspects of his personal and professional journey alongside current events, which have led him to a re-energized design ethos. 




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