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Session Description

Ayana Patterson, IDSA

Luxury CMF + Form Specialist


Track 3 - 8:30pm EDT

Presentation: Luxury State of Mind

A powerful conversation about elevating design with aesthetics and consciousness.

Ali Murtaza

Head of Service Design, IDEATE Innovation


Track 3 - 9:00pm EDT

Presentation: Let's Not Save the Next Billion

We’re taught that human-centered design champions the individual, taking into account the infinite ways in which people think, need, and behave differently. Within both academia and practice, this holds true—but only as long as we’re designing for ourselves. As soon as we design for the “other,” those whom we consider to be inherently different, what we’ve learned goes out of the proverbial window. We plan to bestow design upon the next billion people, as if our work were a gift from us to them. But each billion begins with a ‘one,’ and each one has a plan for themselves.

Lada Gorlenko

Director of UX Research at Smartsheet


Track 3 - 9:30pm EDT

Presentation: Design a Team you Love

In the world obsessed with great customer experiences, we often overlook the experiences of people who should matter to the business most—our own teams. How might we apply the best practices of human-centered design to designing rich and fulfilling experiences of our own teams? Whether you are an established leader, a new manager or a rank-and-file teammate, this talk will help you design your team’s experiences for better rapport, collaboration and, ultimately, a strong sense of belonging.

Michael DiTullo, IDSA

Founder, Michael DiTullo, LLC


Track 3 - 10:00pm EDT

Panel Discussion: Real Designers Ship

Industrial designer Michael DiTullo, IDSA will bring his concept of Real Designers Ship to the IDC 2020 as a panel discussion, joined by three other designers who have all worked with global brands to bring products to mass production at affordable prices for everyday people. They will discuss the difference between speculative work and design meant for people, what it takes to bring something to production and the balance we have to strike to get the most advanced yet acceptable solutions into production.+


Cia Mooney, IDSA

Independent Designer

Howard Nuk

Co-Founder, Palm

Jason Mayden

Co-Founder, Tillicon Valley & Founder, Super Heroic

Jayeon Kim

Leadership Training, Community & Culture at Google

Kate Lockhart

Content Strategist, Google


Track 3 - 10:00pm EDT

Workshop: Google Digital Wellbeing Toolkit

In today’s digital-first environment, designing product experiences for digital wellbeing is a must. Join Google’s user experience practitioners to learn research-backed principles and practices that you can use to support people’s wellbeing. This hands-on workshop will explain how Google defines digital wellbeing, then invite you to apply the UX principles through interactive design activities. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of the importance of digital wellbeing and practical tools that they can put into action right away.

Kristine Arth

Founder & Creative Director, Lobster Phone


Track 3 - 10:00pm EDT

Breakout: Creating an Unshakable Brand

An unshakable brand has unique attributes that make it memorable and even loved for no apparent reason. In this session I’ll break down the steps I use to create character-driven brands with a strategic foundation. We’ll cover how strategy leads to purposeful design choices that build brands of substance and curiosity.

Anne McDonald, S/IDSA

North Carolina State University


Track 3 - 10:45pm EDT

2020 South District Undergraduate Student Merit Award Winner

Anne McDonald is a senior industrial design student at North Carolina State University. Anne’s passions for industrial design come from the goal to help others, no matter what the platform might be. She is excited to continue using her industrial design skillset in the medical industry when she graduates. When Anne is not designing, you will most likely run into her at a concert downtown or hiking in the woods.

Proudly supported by SolidWorks

Arielle Assouline-Lichten

Principal / Founder, Slash Objects


Track 3 - 11:00pm EDT

Keynote Presentation: Unexpected Juxtapositions and Thoughtful Design

Adjacencies create new meanings as we seek to redefine our material world and the value of detritus. Slash Objects aims to reframe the conversations around waste and introduce new ways to imagine physical products in a world where our materials matter most. The work started with discarded tires—a global byproduct of society which creates a huge amount of waste. In this waste, we saw possibilities. We set out to imagine new lifecycles where mundane materials such as this one could be diverted from landfills and be put back to productive use. Beauty takes on new meaning as a form of activism driving forward change. Thoughtful design rethinks the role of the designer into that of thought leader, proposing new futures and, at the same time, building them.




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